Cayenne92A2011 - 2018

TECHART Magnum for Porsche Cayenne

Consisting of:

  • Front apron with integrated ventilation intakes and multifunctional daytime running light, 
  • Auxiliary headlamp unit with fog and high beam lights, front grill,
  • Wheel arch extensions at front and rear, side skirts,
  • Tailgate panel and diffuser-style rear apron

TECHART MAGNUM – with over 1,000 sold, the distinctive individualization program for the Porsche Cayenne wrote a unique success story. Now TECHART gave the current model a unique and powerful appearance – dynamic, confident and strong.

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TECHART Magnum for Porsche Cayenne MY15

Consisting of:

  • TECHART multifuctional Daytime Running Light incl. control unit and wiring harness
  • Front apron with integrated air intakes, twin headlight unit and front grille insert
  • Fender flares, front/rear
  • Side skirts
  • Rear door panel
  • Rear panel with diffusor optics

After three Magnum Generations, and with more than 1,200 TECHART Magnums built worldwide, the TECHART Magnum became a benchmark across brands in terms of styling, technology and product quality.

The typical core values of the TECHART Magnum individualization range are its emotional and dynamic design line as well as its literally unlimited diversity of personalization options. At the same time, reasonableness and peace of mind are part of the TECHART Magnum. This is why TECHART invests in OE-quality materials, precision tooling and reliable production processes. This results not only in spotless product quality, but also in easy installation.

And even though a TECHART Magnum is an extensive modification of the Cayenne body, it is still easy to maintain. This is why the new TECHART Magnum features many sophisticated design details. Such as its well-thought-out aerodynamic concept and its versatile compatibility with the feature options of the Cayenne models.

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22" TECHART Formula IV Wheels for Cayenne

Design: Five Twin Spokes Wheel
Diversity: Bi-Color Grey/Gloss Turned, Black/Gloss Turned, Custom Color
Feature: particularly low weight, Undercut Technology


The new TECHART Formula IV wheel reinterprets the renowned TECHART Formula wheel design in a sporty and elegant five twin-spokes structure. It does not only add a new great TECHART styling option to the current Porsche model range, it is also a refinement highlight for owners of Porsche models of the 987 and 997 model range.  

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22" GEMBALLA GT Sport Forged Wheel for Cayenne

In addition to a sporty, elegant design, these wheels boast an excellent price-performance ratio, without compromising on quality.
Available in Black Magic and Gunmetal for all Cayenne models.

GEMBALLA manufactures both forged and cast wheels. The former offer considerable advantages in terms of strength and mass. Their low weight significantly improves handling and suspension characteristics. Even if you opt for wheels much larger than those featured on a factory-standard vehicle, in most cases the result will nevertheless be a weight advantage and thus better handling. In addition to a sporty, elegant design, cast wheels also offer very good value for money without compromising on quality. Whether forged or cast wheels, GEMBALLA light alloy wheels are a good investment in terms of form and function. 

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