Maintenance, Repair & Tuning
  • Normal oil change services or engine overhaul 
  • Manual transmission conversion
  • Facelift conversion between models


Care Trame Straightening & Welding

  • Bench system and jigs to repair car’s frame back from distortion
  • Spot Welding on factory position

Paint with oven baking

  • Painting and drying spray booth
  • Same paint as factory
  • Computerized color matching for any requested colors

4 Wheels Digital Alignment

  • Database of manufacturer measurement
  • Reducing tires abnormal wear and fuel consumption

Classic car restoration

  • Complete restoration from frame repair, engine overhaul, interior recover & respraying
  • Rare OE classic parts
Interior and Softop recovering
  • All leather, carpet & softop are made in Germany
  • Computerized production with tolerances less than 1/10mm
  • Any special requested colors or stitching